Corporate Strategy

Corporate Strategy

From the simple “Point A to Point B” strategy to more complex initiatives.

At its core, strategy is about having a clear understanding of the competitive environment, the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that your organization faces, and finding ways to leverage your competitive advantage to win in the market. T21 Solutions draws on more than a decade of experience with global organizations, small family-owned businesses, and many other firms to provide you with the tools and resources and strategic counsel that will help you chart your course for success.



Identifying key concepts and mapping out how to get it done.

Having a plan is vital to setting your strategy in motion, gaining the support that you will need within your organization and beyond, and committing the resources necessary to be successful. T21 Solutions is there to guide you through this important process and help you map out exactly what needs to happen, who needs to be involved, and how you will know when you are successful. From interviewing key leaders to organizing the moving pieces and putting it all together in a coherent form, T21 Solutions is ready to help you take that next critical step.

Business Model Innovation

Business Model Innovation

Organizational design and structure strategies for the new competitive landscape.

Chasing your competition and trying to keep up is more often than not a recipe for exhaustion. Sometimes it makes sense to go back and re-look at your business model and consider what you might be able to change that takes you out of the “red ocean“ (where there is blood in the water due to intense competition) into the “blue ocean.” (where you are competing in largely uncharted waters and redefining the space)


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