Don’t let friends “go it alone” …

Posted: July 28, 2010 in Entrepreneurship, Teams

I recently joined a “Goal Achievers Group” in Orlando, and I think it is an excellent idea to bring together small business owners, “solopreneurs” and others who have decided to forge their own path. The group is not your typical networking group, but rather a “board of advisors” that serves as a sounding board, resource or voice of reason in helping to make smarter business decisions, network more effectively, focus on the value proposition and market services in a challenging market.

The basic premise is this: We all face way too many tasks and feel pressured by all of the responsibilities that are involved in owning and running our own business. And with a team of similarly situated business owners, we are not alone.

Here are the things we’ll be covering over the next several weeks:

  • – Marketing action plan
  • – Mastering rapport skills
  • – Building powerful connections and first impressions
  • – Setting you apart from your competition
  • – What to say to influence potential customers
  • – Discover your client’s buying strategies
  • – Designing your office space for success and productivity
  • – Streamlining your day
  • – Learning to serve not sell
  • – Creating power questions to impact your target market
  • – Creating powerful presentation and speeches
  • – Optimizing your website success
  • – Article marketing
  • – Utilizing webinars and teleconferences for profit and exposure
  • – Creating enticing intro’s that speak directly to your ideal client
  • – Develop your personal brand
  • – Building a sales cycle process and program
  • – Using social media so that it work for you
  • – Learn to influence to action your target market, without having to sell

It’s an ambitious list, and we’re going to cover quite a bit of ground in just 1 1/2 hours each week. I have found it to be a great way to start out the week, as we meet on Monday morning and it’s a nice detour before heading in to the office.

If you’re in the Orlando/Winter Park area you should check it out! Just look on MeetUp for the group called “Goal Achievers Group” and sign up. Special thanks to Athenee and Jenn for getting this group off the ground and for your leadership!

  1. Wow, Steve, thanks for posting – that’s awesome! I’m excited to get our Power Team Kick Off this Monday. We have some great content to cover and a great group to do it with (with a few spots left). See you in a few days…

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